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Though the Harry Potter movies possess ended, the fandom can be still heading on strong, and a lot of people will most likely become dressing up as Hogwarts students for Halloween this calendar year. Luckily, a Hogwarts student uniform is incredibly easy to make, and you can fairly very much do it yourself with clothes you currently possess in your closet! Even if you’re missing some of the items, you can easily find a great deal of the stuff at thrift shops. You can easily make a Hogwarts uniform for under $10, in reality! Unique Shower Curtains

Here’s what you require to be a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff this Halloween!

shower curtains big lots,(Most of this is usually the same as the women’s outfit, but with a few variations): shower curtains qvc.

Shower curtains 30 inches,The cool thing about being a Hogwarts student for Halloween is certainly that hair and makeup is definitely pretty much up to you! Because the students at Hogwarts all possess unique hair and makeup, so can you!

Again, makeup is usually pretty easy for a Hogwarts student costume-you’re dressing up as a normal person, and so you don’t require any “particular” makeup to complete the look. Men won’t need anything done, but women can choose to add some natural makeup if they please.

Evil Eye III Shower CurtainEvil Eye III Shower Curtain

shower curtains for curved rods,I wore eye shadow which complimented my house: gold and dark grey for Hufflepuff. Feel free to play around with the house colours (yellow, black, green, silver, scarlet, gold, or blue) when doing eye makeup.

Flower in the Hand Shower CurtainFlower in the Hand Shower Curtain shower curtain nautical theme.

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