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best coronavirus masks,India’s northeastern Meghalaya mature health section officials confirmed to the press Local 9, located in the far eastern component of the condition highlighting Bangladesh Amlarem area have got included a six villagers, including kids from eating dangerous crazy mushroom poisoning put to sleep and even more than 10 people taken to hospital for treatment. masks for COVID-19

Best mask for coronavirus,The official stated relevant departments discovered by the laboratory, local villagers eating dangerous mushroom called Amanita phalloides mushroom (Amanita phalloides), also known as “death cap”, are highly toxic. It is definitely reported that recently Amlarem region offers a total of three families of 18 villagers consuming this poisonous mushrooms, it offers been found after other symptoms, dilemma, headache and vomiting.

coronavirus n95 face mask,The official called on the local population, especially residents in remote rural areas should avoid eating wild mushrooms, while strengthening the awareness of the poisonous wild mushrooms in order to prevent a similar tragedy from happening again. (Total station reporter Liao Jiyong)

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BEIJING, May 9, according to “Bangkok Post” reported on the 9th, the Thai health authorities asked the Thai BTS Skytrain operator will limit the number of passengers at 250 people, that trains every passenger capacity of 1,000 people four one, to ensure that the new crown during the epidemic of pneumonia, it is safe to go out.

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In addition to compliance with the measures, India’s Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Transportation 8 also stressed that “Passengers need to remind ourselves to keep at least one meter distance between each other.” What masks for coronavirus.

is not only due to the increase in the number of rail travel industry to return to work after a system malfunction, has led some trains outage, causing hundreds of people crowded on the platform waiting, people continue to complain, criticize this way simply can not keep the epidemic prevention Social distancing. best coronavirus mask for sale.

masks for Coronavirus

Thailand’s Ministry of Transport promised, BTS Skytrain and all other public transport, all will follow guidelines to maintain social distance.

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